New (SUNDUL) Sundanese Map Update Jalur Utara V3 – ETS2 1.41 to 1.43 ETS 2 Map Mod Download

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update this time, the Sundanese map is updated again for the 3rd version, updating the Sumedang route is steady, right, this update is getting more and more exciting, this header map, you can go there, install it and know Sumedang, try it, it’s exciting, guaranteed to have an explanation.

We just released mod map sundul (North Sundanese Update) V3

– Added Tolengas City

– Added Jatigede Dam tourist attraction

– the addition of the Pancasila monument, the duchy roundabout monument, the border gate of the Duchy and Jatinangor

Team support
– Bsm Shippuden
– Khairul Azhari
– Abizar Razak Aryakusuma

Feri Supriatna


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