Fixed Sound Pack V.21.99 To V.1.43.X By: Drive Safely ETS 2 Sound MOD Download

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Pack provides improvements to common sounds in the game, making them feel more immersive and real. The aim of the mod is to make the game sounds feel the same as in real life. It's frequently our updates to bring more real sounds to the game!

 Requires a higher priority in Mod Manager:

- Tire sound rework in asphalt mix with a mix of tire whine and internal noise, now better suited for all camera views. - The 1.43 truck temporary mitigation fixes have now expired. This is to make way for sound mods that will implement their own - Attenuation for the base game trucks.

• Changes from V.21.99:

- Engine sounds added to Yamaha Wolverine in AI traffic. [ATS Edition]
- The dry wiper sound feature should now automatically switch to wet wiper sound after 11 wipes, regardless of the windshield condition.
- This is useful for cases of incompatible mod loading orders - it only affects the default wiper sound.

Edit Mod: Drive Safely, Antonvezdehod, Deltatristar500, Grinch, 
Kriechbaum and Vasily EVR
Image: Drive Safely

Attention: Extract with the program called 7-Zip!

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